It Outsold the PS3 by a Margin of 3-to1 in Japan Last Month and it is Still Going Strong

The Nintendo Wii has become a fan fave in a short amount of time. It is popular with all of the age groups and males and females alike are purchasing by large numbers. Since the Wii hit the shelves back in November of 2006, it has outsold Sony’s PlayStation 3 and Microsoft’s XBox 360 by a huge margine.

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It is in great demand. It seems everyone wants a Nintendo Wii. It is jumping off of the store shelves as quickly as they are put on store shelves in the United States, alone. In Japan, it has outsold the PS3 by a 3 -to- 1 margin during July.

The Wii appeals to everyone because it is more than just a gaming console. It is one of the first, if not the first, gaming systems to allow you to play video games without using your hands but using your whole body. It gets you up and moving. Seniors, and the young alike are benifiting from the Wii Fit. Of course, exercise games aren’t new but the Wii Fit has certainly gotten it right.

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The Wii has , in a very short amount of time, has become king of the gaming consoles sales especially in Japan. The Wii has dominated the console market in Japan since it was launched. Being a hard to find item hasn’t hurt its popularity, either.

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