Permitting Assistance

Your project may be as small as building a deck in your backyard or something as large as subdividing a tract of land for a housing development; we are prepared to assist with your entire project or simply manage a few elements of the project that you would rather avoid.

Here is a list of projects for which we have the permitting experience to move your project along toward completion.

Single and Multi-family residential construction

Commercial development assistance from the bottom up: site selection, access permits, traffic concurrency, site plan review, parking lot design, stormwater controls, landscaping and signage.

Critical Areas – projects that involve development in, on or around a stream, wetland or protected habitat or designing a project that will avoid these areas and their buffers.

Shorelines – new and replacement bulkheads, overwater structures such as docks, piers, floats or buoys, stairs or trams to the beach, setbacks for a house or stormwater conveyances to the beach. Nearly all development within 200-feet of the shorelines around lakes, rivers or the Puget Sound requires a permit or some form of governmental approval.

Clearing, grading and excavation – for new construction, to harvest timber or as part of an agricultural activity. Approval to clear or grade land is one of the most commonly permitted activities.

Variance permits – for restrictions on building height or setback reductions.

Conditional use permits – for those projects with a scope or scale that require special review

Boundary line adjustments – relocating your property line.

Subdivision – whether two lots or 50 lots, platting land can be a time consuming challenge unless you are comfortable with all of the steps.

Resolving code enforcement problems – we all make mistakes but there are a number of ways to resolve these issues. Let us provide you with options on how to fix the problem and move forward.

Restoration & Enhancement projects – even projects that do not include development often require permits and/or approvals from local, state and the federal authorities. We can help!

Septic system installation, maintenance and inspection – your septic system is one of your most valuable (and expensive) utilities. We can help you build and maintain it.

Access permits and traffic concurrency – who would have thought driving and parking cars was so complicated! Let us help you create an access and traffic management plan.